Crepe Georgette 10 Seda 100% 140cm larg.

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15574 Tecido 100% seda
Crepe Georgette 10, natural branca
140cm, 22g/m, rolo~50m
Preço de venda: R$73,00/m

Noble look, flowing fall! In comparison to georgette 08, georgette 10 has a denser weave, so that the fabric is less transparent and perfectly suitable for nice blouses with an elegant fall and a low wrinkle tendency. This quality is also perfect to be used for shawls and scarves. The fabric can be tied and draped easily, the knots hold well.Because of its high volume, georgette reflects painted and printed colors fully and luminously. Georgette 10 is very well suitable as a base material for nuno felting but rather for experienced felters because wool fibers with this volume need a longer processing time until they start connecting with the fabric. It is especially suitable for felting on single woolen parts (e.g. FLYFEL-pads), so that the contrast between flowing silk material and dense felt are expressed decoratively.


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